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Freckle Farm

There’s always magic in the air at Freckle Farm, but this time of the year the nursery looks and feels even more special – like an indoor jungle dusted with holiday magic. Wandering around, you’ll find beautiful Christmas décor, delicious food items, unique toys and gifts, and of course – so many incredible plants.

“We have a real passion for plants and a passion for people,” says Lisa, the store manager.

“We love connecting people to the natural world and helping them tap into their inner gardener,” she continues. So many people have a desire or need to grow and care for plants, and Freckle Farm is all about helping people discover their niche and helping them foster their need to grow.

The owners of Freckle Farm, Seth and Kristin Bowen, purchased it in 2014. The existing greenhouse was previously known as Tony’s Grove. Seth and Kristin already owned a landscaping business (Three Men & A Shovel) and decided to purchase the nursery as a way to connect even more people to plants.

Lisa joined the team as store manager in 2018 after graduating from Utah State with a degree in plant science. Her passion for plants, people, and education makes her the perfect fit for the job. Her and the rest of the crew at Freckle Farm proudly call themselves plant nerds.

“I was always a plant kid,” she says. Lisa grew up gardening with her dad and has carried on that tradition with her own two daughters.

Lisa’s favorite part of managing Freckle Farm is “connecting with people.” She oversees and teaches workshops at the nursery 3-4 times a month. From wreaths to evergreen gnomes to cookie decorating – the workshops offered are diverse, unique, and always changing with the seasons. “The education aspect is just such a blast,” she says.

Plants can be intimidating and confusing, but the Freckle Farm crew is there to help you every step of the way. Lisa has “quite the plant collection at home,” and loves sharing tips and tricks with customers. The other employees are all equally eager to help and offer advice.

Lisa says the store gets a lot of questions on Facebook and Instagram. “We always answer all of them,” she says. If you’ve got a struggling plant and are wondering where you went wrong – don’t hesitate to show them a picture or reach out with questions.

Freckle Farm even hosts the occasional houseplant spa day. “People can bring in their plants, and we help diagnose problems,” explains Lisa. “We groom them, clean them up and give them that one on one consultation care,” she continues. This new event has been very successful, they’ve already done it three times this year and are planning to continue into 2021.

This year Freckle Farm also hosted their first-ever plant swap. “People got to bring in their plants and cuttings and trade them with others for free,” explains Lisa. The event had a $5 cover charge, and all of the proceeds went directly to CAPSA.

Lisa says the event was a huge hit and that they’re already planning another one for March 2021. They will be donating the proceeds to CAPSA again to help them build their vegetable garden.

Like everyone, Freckle Farm has felt the impact of the pandemic. Initially, they had to close and weren’t sure if they’d open up again for the season. “We’ve really had to adapt and rethink,” Lisa explains. But like many small businesses, they’ve noticed a silver lining. “We were really excited that COVID actually brought in a lot of gardeners,” she says, explaining that lockdown caused a lot of people to focus more on their yards and gardens.

“It opened up a community to us…” she continues, “…it gave us the opportunity to build new relationships and connections and help others find their passion for plants.”

Lisa recognizes that business is about adapting. “It’s about changing and growing, and this year it’s been even more about that,” she says. Lisa, along with the owners and employees of Freckle Farm, feel extremely blessed that this community has been so “appreciative and understanding” during this difficult year.

Since Freckle Farm began in 2014, it's evolved a lot. Lisa tells us that the owners, Seth and Kristin, are “big dreamers” and that their adaptability and passion for growth and change is one of the many reasons she loves working for them.

Freckle Farm has big plans for the future, including a remodel slated for 2021. “We’re going to be tearing down the greenhouse and building a more permanent structure,” Lisa explains. They’ve also started to expand into the world of eCommerce and are looking into selling their plants online.

True to form, Freckle Farm is constantly working to expand their inventory and build relationships with new growers. “We are pounding pavement and meeting growers from all over the nation,” Lisa says. They even recently started carrying some rare and hard to find houseplants. She tells us that right now, they’re “pretty much sourcing what people are asking for.”

While it’s easy to go to a big box store for your plant needs, we urge you to check out Freckle Farm first. “We take great pride in our service, knowledge, selection, and diversity,” says Lisa. “I don’t think a lot of people know that until they come here to experience it,” she continues.

Every time we’ve stopped in, we’ve been more and more impressed. If you’ve still got some Christmas shopping left, or if you just need a beautiful place to escape for a bit, stop by Freckle Farm today. We promise you won’t be disappointed...but fair warning: you’ll probably have a hard time leaving without at least one plant.

For updates on their events, inventory, and workshops be sure to visit their website and follow them on Instagram and Facebook @frecklefarminc.

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3915 N Highway 91 Hyde Park, UT, 84318


Monday - Saturday

10:00am-7:00pm (seasonal hours, normally 9am-6pm)



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