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Love To Cook at Kitchen Kneads

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

If you’ve driven down Main Street in Logan recently, you’ve probably noticed that Love To

Cook has a brand new location. Some of you may recognize the new building as the old Redwood Theatre or Logan Art Cinema - but when you step inside the doors, you’ll see it’s been completely and beautifully remodeled.

Love to Cook is one of Cache Valley’s most well established small business. The independent cookware store has been through a few different owners in the last 25 years but it has recently settled into the hands of Cache Valley natives: Wil and Lauren Wood.

After spending a decade in Idaho running their own Great Harvest, the couple decided to sell the business in 2016 and move home. Passionate about the outdoors, the couple spends a lot of their free time outside in the mountains. Wil describes the move as “moving back to paradise.”

After they’d been back in the valley for a while, the opportunity to purchase Love to Cook presented itself. “I’ve always been drawn to food,” says Wil, even calling it a love language. He credits his culinary interest to being raised by a mother who was an excellent cook. With a decade of experience as bakery owners under their belt, “it felt like there was a natural dovetail in our experience,” says Wil. So they went for it.

Love to Cook sells anything you’d find in a home kitchen. From tools and knives to appliances and even some bulk foods. Their "biggest challenge is Amazon. It’s eCommerce.” says Wil, “I feel like we’re constantly competing with that.”

While you can purchase from Love to Cook online, it’s their brick-and-mortar location that truly makes them stand out from their competition. “Amazon sells products.” Wil says, “We just try to sell an experience.”

Their cozy store provides a true person-to-person experience. Walking through the aisles of the new location, we were impressed by the thoughtful décor and product placement, the friendly and welcoming employees, and the music and overall ambiance.

Will and Lauren are exceedingly grateful for the support of our community during this difficult year. The pandemic gave them a chance to accommodate the community that has supported them. “We’ve had to change and adapt,” says Will. When people didn’t feel comfortable coming into the store to make purchases, they started offering curbside pick-up and free delivery to anywhere in the valley. These options are still available for customers who prefer them.

Wil credits the success of the business to his employees and the community. “There are so many people behind me making this possible,” says Will, “and I’m so thankful.”

He says his strength is “getting a good team together and letting them do their jobs.” When he sees talent in his employees, he lets them run with it. Delegating in this way helps ease the stress of owning the business, while also empowering his employees to contribute in a meaningful way.

“The business's number one mission is to make customers happy,” says Wil, “but as the owner, I feel like if my number mission is to make my employees happy then that will just happen.”

Wil and Lauren were able to purchase the building they’re currently in, and they couldn’t be more thrilled. The couple spent a few months remodeling and making it their own before moving in officially in October. “It’s just like moving into your first house,” Wil says.

One of the most unique things about Love to Cook, and one of Wil’s favorites aspects of the business, is the cooking classes. “You could come to the same class twice,” says Wil, and still have a really fun time.

The new store features a gorgeous chef's kitchen designed by Lauren. The couple is excited to start hosting cooking classes again once restrictions are lifted, and Wil is even working on a virtual alternative in the meantime.

If you haven’t already stopped into their new location, make sure to check it out. If there’s a product you’re interested in, you might even be able to try it in the kitchen before making your purchase!

Love to Cook is ready to help you make your holidays better than ever. They will be having a different sale every week between Black Friday and Christmas.

Stop in or call their store for details!

Make sure to also follow them on Instagram (@lovetocooklogan) and Facebook (@lovetocooklogan) to stay in the loop.

Wil's Christmas Gift Recommendations

  1. Silicone Microwave Popcorn Maker

  2. A Chef's Knife

  3. A Good Cutting Surface

Open Monday - Saturday

10:00am - 7:00pm

795 N. Main St., Logan, UT


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