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The Spirit Goat

When you walk into the Spirit Goat you’re immediately welcomed by a comforting blend of aromas. The boutique-style shop is colorful and bright, with tables and shelves stocked with hand-crafted soaps, lotions, and body products. The shop itself is small but has an open concept – allowing you to watch as employees handcraft the products in the kitchen.

“We specialize in goat's milk lotions, soaps, and body products…” explains the owner Deanna. “Goat's milk has the same pH balance as our skin,” she continues, which makes these products ideal for anyone with sensitive skin. Many of their products also include shea butter. Deanna explains that our skin has many layers, and shea butter is deeply moisturizing because it gets down into the “deeper epidural layers.”

Spirit Goat products are perfect for anyone looking for something “a little more natural, that's going to benefit and care for their skin,” says Deanna.

Looking at the incredible selection of soaps and body products, it’s hard to believe that this business was started by a mother who was struggling to find an answer for her children’s sensitive skin.

“I’m the second owner…” explains Deanna, “…the founder of our business actually had two daughters who had really sensitive skin. She lived just down the street from me and was a great friend.”

The founder was a biologist, chemist, and goat owner and as Deanna tells us, she was “desperate to find something” that would allow her daughters to enjoy bath time rather than dread it. After a lot of research, she developed the goat’s milk soap in her own kitchen at home. She started sharing the soap with a few people, but it quickly bloomed into a thriving business.

Years later, when her children were grown and off to college, the founder realized she wanted a change. In 2016, Deanna had the opportunity to purchase the business and take over. She’d been working at the Spirit Goat for over a decade, and her daughter Sydney (who is now the assistant manager) had been working there since she was eleven.

“I just love what the story is about…” says Deanna, “…I love how my body loves bathing. I love how we see customers come in and they have great results with our products”.

Sydney and Deanna attribute a lot of their success to building real relationships with their customers. “We try to really connect with our customers…” Sydney explains, “and take the time to really help them find what they need”. They strive to create an environment that makes their customers feel both safe and welcome.

Like most small businesses, The Spirit Goat encountered challenges this year because of the pandemic. They’ve felt the pressure to be responsible and keep people safe, while still providing essential products. “It’s been a balancing act,” says Sydney.

But Deanna tells us that “there have been some positive things too”. Their incorporation of curbside pick-up really drove traffic to their website. Prior to this year “a lot of people didn’t even realize we had a website…” says Deanna, “…it wasn't until COVID hit that our presence online became just amazing”.

The soap, lotion, and body products at The Spirit Goat are meant to nourish your skin, and help improve your life. Helping others is at the core of what they do – and since Deanna and Sydney took over the business in 2016, they’ve taken that a step further.

“I think one of the things I'm really proud of is that when we took over, we started a purchase with purpose program,” Deanna explains. The employees vote on organizations and causes that mean something to them. They then develop a special soap to represent the cause and donate all proceeds from that soap. “We're inspired by what it is that they do…” says Deanna, “…and then we come up with a blend that works for them.” Right they’re selling soaps for Toys for Tots, CAPSA, and the USU hockey team.

“When we need to, we provide information about the organization,” says Deanna. They love giving their customers the opportunity to donate to a great cause, directly through their purchase. “We’re really proud to be able to give back to a community that supports us so much,” she continues.

The Spirit Goat truly appreciates all of their customers, and they make a constant effort to give back where they can. With a Frequent Bather Card, you can buy 10 bars of soap and get the next one for free. Most of the products solid in bottles are also refillable, helping you save money (and lessen your impact on the environment). “We're really trying to focus on sustainability and our earth and making sure that we are doing our part so we're not filling up landfills,” says Deanna.

Make sure you visit their website if you'd like to order online (for delivery or curbside pickup). You can also support them by following them on Facebook and Instagram (@thespiritgoat).

If you need some last-minute Christmas gifts, the Spirit Goat has your back. They have pre-packaged gift sets, customizable baskets, and gift-wrapping services. If you haven’t been into the Spirit Goat, now is the perfect time. Their Christmas line-up is incredible, and we’re sure you’ll find something to love all year-round.


28 Federal Ave. Logan, UT


Monday - Saturday

10am - 7pm



Soap Making Demonstration

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