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The Red Fox

The Red Fox is a boutique and romance store located on Center Street in the heart of historic downtown Logan. The shop offers “a lot of stuff that just makes you feel good,” explains the owner, Erica. The quaint and cozy store is comfortable and inviting. Inside you’ll find everything from beautiful jewelry to CBD products, lingerie and loungewear, intimate products – and more.

The store is coming up on its 5th anniversary this February, but its history goes back much further than that. Erica’s dream to own her own store was inspired by her grandmother, Flo.

Before Erica was born Flo owned Maud’s, a locally famous dress store in Hyrum, for almost 20 years. Flo also purchased The Red Fox in Logan in the 1970s, which is where Erica got the name for her own shop.

The storefront has come a long way since she purchased the building back in February of 2015. What Erica says was once a “dark grey hole” has been transformed into a classy and eclectic boutique.

Before she went out on her own, Erica always worked for small businesses. “My first job was as a barista at Café Ibis,” she says. She also worked for a long time at the Persian Peacock for several years, a store that was very similar to her own in many ways. But her favorite experience was working for an upscale sexy boutique in Santa Cruz California. She loved it because the store was open late, had an open-minded clientele, and she had a lot of responsibilities. “I could just command the whole space and that helped me see how this could be a little more fun.”

But Erica didn’t want to spend the rest of her life working for someone else. She explains that she just "needed more responsibility than anyone would allow" her to have. In 2012 she started to build her own brand and sell merchandise online, but there was something missing. Feeling disconnected from her customers, Erica knew a brick-and-mortar store was exactly what she needed.

Her search for a location downtown took years. When the previous owner of her current building passed away, she tried reaching out to his son who was handling the estate, but she didn’t hear back. While she was looking for a more permanent location, she opened a small shop in a studio at her mom’s house, but it just wasn’t getting the traffic that she wanted.

One day, in a funk, she decided to close her little shop and go for a walk. “I was kind of at that turning point where I was like, what am I doing?” she says. While she was walking, she got the call she’d been waiting for. It was the son of the building owner who she’d reached out to a few months before.

“He said he wanted to meet me,” Erica explains. “I asked if he was renting or selling, or if he’d be willing to rent to own.” But he wouldn’t explain, just said asked her to come down to the building and meet him.

“I got here and he wanted hardly anything for it,” she says. “I think that he wanted to close the estate and I was this girl who was desperate to have a shop.”

Five years later and Erica couldn’t be happier with the way it all came together. "Finding a location is so hard in this town," she says, "but this is perfect."

Erica is adapting and staying positive through the challenges brought on by the pandemic. “I have no expectations for this year,” she says, “… so, let’s just roll with it.” She’s happy and thankful that The Red Fox and many other local small businesses are able to keep their doors open during this unprecedented time.

Erica runs the store with just two employees. She says that "they're both amazing." Erica’s favorite part of owning and managing her own business is making so many friends. “So many people come in and we have really candid conversations,” she says. She describes the environment in her store as caring and comfortable – and she’s right.

The Red Fox offers kits and consultations for newlyweds and anyone who may have limited or no intimate experience. Erica explains that these services are for “all different comfort levels.”

“They can come in and talk to me and we can go over, this product is going to protect you, this is going to break the ice, this is going to help you have a better start to your relationship,” she says, explaining what the process is like. “It’s really important, and we’re here to talk about it.”

“A lot of people can come in feeling nervous,” she says, “and they leave feeling at ease.”

Erica wants people to know that her store, “isn’t scary.” While technically her shop is considered an adult store, it’s probably not what you expect. The Red Fox focuses on romance, self-care, and relationship preservation. “I hope the people who haven’t been in and don’t know that can come in and experience the joy we have in here,” she says.

Erica’s friendly and bright personality brings a unique vibe to her store. She absolutely loves her business and her customers, and it shows. If you've never been in, stop by. We know you'll be impressed by the variety and quality of the products she carries.

If you're unable to shop in person - you can purchase directly from the store website. You can also support The Red Fox by interacting with them on Facebook and Instagram @theredfoxcom.

Erica's Christmas Gift Recommendations:


72 West Center St. Logan, Utah 84321


Monday - Saturday

11:00 am- 7:00 pm



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